Writing for The Record

Here’s a quick compilation of some of my latest writing clips! To read specifically my writing samples from last year as the columnist who wrote “Closer Look into World News,” click here. Also, visit The Wheaton Record’s site for all our writers’ stories!

Pennies from heaven — Record Spotlight

Julie Rodgers speaks publicly for first time since summer

Seeking reconciliation

Exclusive Q&A with Dr. Hawkins

Faculty council recommends not to dismiss Hawkins

Summary of the Hawkins case

Confusion, frustration at local polling place during Illinois primary 

Joseph Spradley (1932-2016) Obituary

Wheaton police launch inquiry into racial profiling

Racial profiling in the city of Wheaton?

Humanitarian Disaster Institute receives $1.9 million award 

President Ryken to co-chair CCCU task force

CCCU schools divide over same-sex marriage

ISIS’ new currency: doomed but powerful 

A sincere goodbye to Chappy Mac and an earnest welcome to Chaplain Blackmon

Congressman Paul Ryan Speaks at Wheaton College Breakfast Event