Freelance Writing

Do Muslims and Christians worship the same God? College suspends professor who says yes. >> For me, this is the article that started it all. This featured in-depth, on the ground reporting, with photos, quotes and information that was unreachable for other journalists. It was the most-read article on The Washington Post’s website for an entire day!

Professor ‘flabbergasted’ over Wheaton’s plan to fire her over worship comments >> The plot thickened over winter break, and I wrote another article that delved into the history of Wheaton’s interaction with Islam, when the news broke that the provost moved towards the process of terminating Dr. Hawkins.

Wheaton will not fire professor over Muslim worship comments, but she will leave college  >> Wheaton did some fast maneuvering that Saturday. We had a completely different article up and ready to go because the provost had apologized for his termination-for-cause proceedings. We thought Hawkins was coming back. And then the “mutual agreement” news broke.

It’s a Theology, Not a Political Stance >> Invited by the New York Times Opinion section, I wrote a short piece for their Room for Debate. The question: What does it mean to be an evangelical today?