The Wheaton Record Designs

**UPDATE: As editor of The Record, I oversee all designs. Some pages I design on my own. I offer feedback and criticism to all designs presented to me by designers, who I help guide towards a goal that we both agree on.  Our design editors are: News: Kasia Hiltibran; Features: James Connelly; Intersection: Anabell Castañeda; Voices: Sarah Kenny; Sports: Robert Caldwell, and the Sports issues before Issue 3 were designed by Seth Humeniuk.**

Nov. 17, 2015: Update #5 of Record designs — sorry, I’ll put more past designs up. This front page was an amazing tribute to Brett Foster. We have a new graphic illustrator on staff now, too — Lucy Rose Till. You can see her work on the Features page.

October 19, 2015: Update #4 of Record designs! Check out our front page. Is that not gorgeous?

Art + Entertainment 8 Features 8 News 8 Sports 8


October 13, 2015: Update #3 of Record designs! Yes, we made a DIY Record Table Football tear-off.

Features 6 Intersection 8 News 1 Sports 11

October 6, 2015: Update #2 of Record designs!

Features 5 Intersection 6 News 1 Sports 11-12 Intersection 7 News 1 Sports 11


September 21, 2015: Here’s a quick glance at a bunch of our designs from this year!

Sports 12 News 1 Intersection 6 Features 5 Intersection Page 8 Features Pages 6-7 Sports Page 11 News Page 1 Intersection Page 8 Features Page 6 Issue 3 Sports Page 11 Issue 2 News Page 1 Issue 0 Intersection Page 8 News Cover Issue 0 Features


April 30, 2015: It’s too bad that this is our last issue of the year. But it’s AWESOME that we’re allowed to go out with a bang like THIS. I spent hours on hours on this design, and was not disappointed by the final result. Let’s hear it for review stories!

Front Page 4-30

April 23, 2015: I think this may be my second favorite design I’ve ever done. After having my work critiqued again by the Chicago Tribune design editor, I brainstormed and collaborated with my fellow editors to bring you this. The side quote was especially fun to do!

Front Page 4-23

April 10, 2015: Photo-illustration everywhere! Our new team of design editors flexed our muscles this week as we approached the idea of adding our own illustrations for article images. What a way to start, too — with the above-the-fold article accompanied by art by Katie Hildibran! I also made the “Class Films” filmstrips and the camera on the nameplate, and as usual, compiled and designed the front page alone. Enjoy!

Front Page 4-10


March 20, 2015: We’re always trying new things at the Record! Here’s this week’s labor of love, which includes a sneak glance at the article that comes out on the issue date about Paul Ryan, penned by yours truly. I can see the nameplate and front page designs evolving even further, as we continue to experiment with photomanipulation and editing. The protruding Paul Ryan came with a moment of inspiration when I saw his raised hand and noted how it could be more interactive and three dimensional.

Front Page 3-20


Feb. 27, 2015: There’s a sad story behind this design. This was the front page design as of Monday, showcasing the diving physics professor, Dr. Spradley — but alas, it was not to be. When news broke of a student arrest, it took priority and the beautiful full-page image of a diving professor was moved to Features. It was, however, the first time in the history of the Record, that one image took up that much space, and I was proud of how it turned out!

Front Page Design 2_27

Front Page Design 2_27


Feb. 20, 2015: I changed the masthead for the first time since the 2014-15 semester began! Once I got my hands on the front page design, it was the first thing that I turned my attention to. I was inspired by mastheads from Star Tribune, Chicago Sun Times and The Volante — the student weekly of the University of South Dakota in Vermillion. I adopted the idea of cutouts of important figures in the week’s edition who appear deeper in the paper from The Volante after I witnessed them sweep the competition for best weekly at the Associated Collegiate Press Midwest Conference. Who knows? Maybe we’ll take that honor next year! See the masthead below:

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 8.03.59 PM


Feb. 20, 2015: This is the full design, complete with a dominant image (a somewhat humorous image of a male student looking at the males up for date-auction), five stories, and a brand new masthead! I also created the Wi-Fi picture from scratch on Photoshop.

Front Page 2-20


Feb. 13, 2015: Here’s a full-page layout for page one of News, before the masthead change. With a revolutionary four stories posted on the lead page and a new social media banner of my own making, I renovated the — dare I say? — boring, old two-story front page format.

Front Page 2-13

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