Chicago Tribune Digital Plus Magazine

Listed below are designs that I made for the Chicago Tribune’s Digital Plus Magazine. The DPM is an exclusive, subscription-only magazine produced daily. What makes the DPM special is that it is a page-based, print-esque magazine, but it is created for the web. We try to make the DPM as browser friendly as possible and craft each page so that it appeals to a web audience.

All the designs below were made by me. I completed each design from beginning to end and copy edited every article. Some of the designs are the cover of the magazine, designed mostly on Adobe InDesign and Photoshop. Most of the designs displayed are only the first page of an article, and therefore only represents a fraction of the design work I’ve done with DPM.

Freezer Fresh Madonna Cover Martha Stewart Science of the Tattoo

CT_20150611_CTSpecial_CTDIGITAL_ALL_DIG_1A_3_1A003_CMYK_BS_--_-- CT_20150611_CTSpecial_CTDIGITAL_ALL_DIG_1A_5_1A005_CMYK_BS_--_-- CT_20150611_CTSpecial_CTDIGITAL_ALL_DIG_1A_7_1A007_CMYK_BS_--_-- CT_20150611_CTSpecial_CTDIGITAL_ALL_DIG_1A_9_1A009_CMYK_BS_--_--   CT_20150615_CTSpecial_CTDIGITAL_ALL_DIG_1A_3_1A003_CMYK_BS_--_-- CT_20150615_CTSpecial_CTDIGITAL_ALL_DIG_1A_5_1A005_CMYK_BS_--_-- CT_20150615_CTSpecial_CTDIGITAL_ALL_DIG_1A_6_1A006_CMYK_BS_--_-- CT_20150615_CTSpecial_CTDIGITAL_ALL_DIG_1A_8_1A008_CMYK_BS_--_-- CT_20150615_CTSpecial_CTDIGITAL_ALL_DIG_1A_9_1A009_CMYK_BS_--_-- CT_20150615_CTSpecial_CTDIGITAL_ALL_DIG_1A_10_1A010_CMYK_BS_--_--   CT_20150618_CTSpecial_CTDIGITAL_ALL_DIG_1A_3_1A003_CMYK_BS_--_-- CT_20150618_CTSpecial_CTDIGITAL_ALL_DIG_1A_5_1A005_CMYK_BS_--_-- CT_20150618_CTSpecial_CTDIGITAL_ALL_DIG_1A_6_1A006_CMYK_BS_--_-- CT_20150618_CTSpecial_CTDIGITAL_ALL_DIG_1A_9_1A009_CMYK_BS_--_-- CT_20150618_CTSpecial_CTDIGITAL_ALL_DIG_1A_10_1A010_CMYK_BS_--_-- CT_20150618_CTSpecial_CTDIGITAL_ALL_DIG_1A_11_1A011_CMYK_BS_--_--  CT_20150622_CTSpecial_CTDIGITAL_ALL_DIG_1A_3_1A003_CMYK_BS_--_-- CT_20150622_CTSpecial_CTDIGITAL_ALL_DIG_1A_5_1A005_CMYK_BS_--_-- CT_20150622_CTSpecial_CTDIGITAL_ALL_DIG_1A_6_1A006_CMYK_BS_--_-- CT_20150622_CTSpecial_CTDIGITAL_ALL_DIG_1A_8_1A008_CMYK_BS_--_--

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