Chicago Tribune Broadsheet

Listed below are the designs I’ve made on CCI NewsGate for the Chicago Tribune’s print edition. These are only a few of the many designs I’ve created so far. During the week days, I take over the Weather page, so I’ve included a bunch of examples of those.

0814 Front PageBecoming a Better FatherBreaking News CrimeChicagolandGlory of the Tree Home Garden Mod 0608 DONOTSHAREOutdoors In Home Center Mod 0608 DONOTSHARERowhouseCT_20150731_CTBIZ_CTBIZ_ALL_HD_2_3_2003_000B_BS_71_01-page-001 CT_20150731_CTBIZ_CTBIZ_ALL_HD_2_7_2007_000B_BS_71_01-page-001 CT_20150731_CTBIZ_CTBIZ_ALL_HD_2_5_2005_000B_BS_71_01-page-001 CT_20150731_CTMAIN_CTMAIN_ALL_HD_1_4_1004_CMYK_BS_71_01_Ver02-page-001

Weather June 17 DONOTSHARE Weather June 15 DONOTSHARE Weather June 10 DONOTSHARE CT_20150621_CTRE_CTRE_C_SUN_7_1_7001_CMYK_BS_73_01 CT_20150617_CTARTS_CTARTS_ALL_HD_4_10_4010_CMYK_BS_71_01_Ver02 CT_20150616_CTARTS_CTARTS_ALL_HD_4_10_4010_CMYK_BS_71_01_Ver02 CT_20150615_CTARTS_CTARTS_ALL_HD_4_10_4010_CMYK_BS_71_01_Ver02 CT_20150614_CTTRAVEL_CTTRAVEL_ALL_SUN_5_2_5002_CMYK_BS_73_01 CT_20150608_CTARTS_CTARTS_ALL_HD_4_10_4010_CMYK_BS_71_01 CT_20150607_STSPTS_STSPTS_PTB_HD_2_10_2010_CMYK_BS_71_01 CT_20150607_CTRE_CTRE_C_SUN_7_4_7004_CMYK_BS_73_01 CT_20150607_CTRE_CTRE_C_SUN_7_2_7002_000B_BS_73_01

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