My Journalism

Dear Reader,

My name is Kirkland An, and I am a political science major pursuing a journalism certificate at Wheaton College in Illinois. I’m using this site to publish all my journalistic musings and to display my printed publications, photos, designs, and anything else journalism.

The quiet suburb of Wheaton, IL might not seem like a thriving hub of media activity, but over the last two years, it’s come into the national spotlight a few times. Every time the nation stopped to look at Wheaton, it also made me wonder what more I could do to represent Wheaton and tell an accurate story about what is going on in the student body and on campus.

I started my sophomore year (last year) as the associate editor of the newspaper and stole a 700-word space in the News section of each edition for my weekly column, “Closer Look into World News” and took up a bunch of different jobs in the office, including  copy editor, designer and part-time janitor.

Those two activities kept me busy last year. As associate editor, I edited each article published in the Record, managed the copy editing staff, and acted as the resident AP style expert. Consequently, this website may — unintentionally — end up AP-consistent. It wouldn’t be surprising; I text in AP style.

And now, this year, I’m going to be serving as The Wheaton Record’s editor in chief. I anticipate being very busy.

For a quiet, relatively safe campus, Wheaton College has a lot of interesting things happening that make my job very exciting.

But my degree and studies don’t make up all of who I am.

I’m an Taiwanese/Chinese-American male journalism student at a small Christian liberal arts college in the midwest, which puts me in a very, very small demographic niche. 8.6 percent of the Wheaton College student body identifies as “Asian,” which includes a whole slew of nationalities including Indian and Southeast Asian. I personally know of no other Chinese Americans in the journalism program.

What does that mean? It means that I am unique and I identify myself as a unique individual. I recognize the fact that I am different from my peers. My writing reflects the analytical eye of a stranger in alien land, a non-conformist style in the face of uniformity, and my resolve to cling to Christian values.

My writing has been molded by inhabiting a world of “different.”

I hope you enjoy what I have to say, and that after reading, you can say that I have stuck to my guns. Thanks for reading!



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