On being a student-editor

Dear Reader,

Being a student and an editor of a newspaper is weirdly cool.

I’m the editor of The Wheaton Record, Wheaton College’s campus newspaper, and I’m also a political science/journalism student. So why is it weird? It’s weird because you’re learning about journalism in class for a few hours, and then you go to the office and DO journalism. You learn about bureaucracy in class, and then an hour later you’re writing about the school administration.

I tell the editors on staff: It’s the closest you can get to an actual job without working part time in college. You make your own decisions, you manage your own workforce, you deal and argue with humans — and you end up with a beautiful product at the end of each week.

And, if we’re being honest, some of the editors on staff are working more than 30 hours a week. It’s basically a job.

So being a student-editor is weird, but it also gives you some real world experience that you won’t find anywhere else.