Internship Update 4

Dear Reader,

The Tribune has moved me quickly from Features to the weekly suburban papers, to the business desk, front-page desk, and the nation+world desk.

I’m simultaneously on suburban, business, front-page, and nation+world now, and it’s much faster paced here. With the last three desks, there is always a deadline coming up in a few hours and the work you put out that day is printed that night.

There has been a spoken promise that I will be able to design the front page of the Chicago Tribune by the end of my internship — that, I cannot wait for. For now, though, I’m still learning about design, news judgment, and how the entire process works. There’s plenty to learn.

In other news, these past few days, I have been in conversation with the reporter, Manya Brachear, who broke the Wheaton health insurance story* on Tuesday. Of course, I would have broken it on The Wheaton Record’s website, but unfortunately, the administration told us we’re not allowed to post any stories on our website over the summer. I’m trying to communicate with the administration about lifting the ban, but they’re not very easy to get in contact with.

On the suburban desk, I’ve been put in charge of designing the news and features sections of The Doings La Grange and The Doings Western Springs, which makes up about 25 pages, each, of the 55-page suburban newspapers. It’s definitely a big responsibility, but the pace is a lot slower than the daily desks that I’m also a part of now.

I will be sure to post more of my designs in the coming days. Stay tuned!

*May need digital subscription to view — Google title to read similar story results.

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