Internship Update 3

Dear Reader,

Exciting news! I’ve finally got the green light to go ahead and publish my official Chicago Tribune designs, meaning you get to finally witness the fruits of my labor. (Click on that hyperlink to see them, or check above at the Menu tab, under “My Designs,” and “Chicago Tribune Designs.”)

Unfortunately, I can’t post every single design I make on my website, because I make so many designs. I’ve tried to include a few that I think are representative of my ability though.

My supervisor returned from his vacation, so I will be moving on from Features in the near future, it seems. Right now though, I’ve had the amazing opportunity to talk with Jonathon Berlin, a graphics editor at the Tribune who has gotten me very interested in a certain type of coding for journalism websites.

Along those lines, I’ve been learning HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and will start on Python. These languages are essential to web design, and I should definitely learn as much as I can to catch up with this new generation of web-conscious journalists who are coming up behind me.

These past few weeks, I’ve been able to talk to Gerry Kern, the editor of the Tribune, and various other high-up journalists who have been able to offer me great advice.

To end this update, here are some examples of my designs. You can check them all out under the “My Designs” tab up top!

Weather June 17 DONOTSHARE CT_20150621_CTRE_CTRE_C_SUN_7_1_7001_CMYK_BS_73_01 CT_20150622_CTSpecial_CTDIGITAL_ALL_DIG_1A_8_1A008_CMYK_BS_--_-- CT_20150615_CTSpecial_CTDIGITAL_ALL_DIG_1A_3_1A003_CMYK_BS_--_--


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