WJI — Day 11: Speaking truth to power

Dear Reader,

First of all, sorry for not posting last night! It has been an insane night, ending with me stressing over the fact that J. Dennis Hastert was indicted for a hush money scheme, in a story that ended up on the front pages of major newspaper sites.

I guess, because Denny Hastert is closely affiliated with Wheaton, I should probably do a story on him. More details to follow.

Anyways! Today was a good day, even though it got stressful towards the end. In the morning, we polished our stories pulled from the Associated Press’ website. The beast is hungry, even in the morning.

During lunch, we heard from Susan Olasky, who has been sitting quietly in the back of the classroom nearly everyday. We didn’t know that she was probably the most epic person in the room. 

Susan Olasky wrote an investigative piece on the International Bible Society, which was secretly going to make the NIV Bible completely gender-inclusive. The basic problem with that is that World believes that people shouldn’t change the Bible for ideological reasons.

Well, Susan broke the story about it and got in a whole PR mess, which culminated in ethics charges against World. In the process, she was also named one of the year’s most influential Christians.

It takes a lot of courage to do what Susan did, and I really respect her for that. She stood up for something that she really believed in, and wasn’t afraid to uncover unfairness, even when Zondervan, the publisher of the NIV, was one of their major advertisers. Zondervan withdrew all its advertisements from World magazine. More respect.

Susan Olasky, being her epic self.
Susan Olasky, being her epic self.

The result was impressive. You can read about it online, so I’ll move on to what happened after lunch.

Here’s what we did.

The exciting desk of a student journalist.
The exciting desk of a student journalist.

Not sure if you can see it, but that paper is my book review. And I’m pretty sure my paper got marked up the most out of all the students. I learned a lot about book reviewing, and that is something that I think I can bring to The Record next year.

We ended the day in a park, listening to Lee Pitts’ stories from when he was embedded in Iraq. I don’t think that I’d ever be able to do the things he did.

The staff here at WJI is incredible.

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