Dear Reader,

I lied. That is, any hint that I might have given off that WJI is not fun was false.

WJI is fun.

I also lied to a few people who have been keeping up with me that WJI was all work, no play, even on Memorial Day. Sorry. Please forgive me.

While it’s true that we worked on our obituaries some more, we stopped at 4 p.m. and travelled to Kevin Martin’s house, the CEO/publisher of World Magazine for a North Carolina-style barbecue cookout.

Now, apparently — and this is news to me — barbecues mean different things depending on which part of the country you’re in. And in North Carolina, barbecue means pork.

Pulled Pork

Ok, that’s not that exact sandwich. (I found that image online. Shame on me for not bringing a camera.) But we did have delectable pulled pork sandwiches with cole slaw, cooked up mostly by the generous Mrs. Martin (who I learned reads this blog!!! I’ve made it big!!!) .

We indulged in a little disc-tossing and soccer-playing, which resulted in sweat, blisters, and me wishing that I had brought some sneakers. I think that this very refreshing weekend and overall fun Memorial Day has recharged me and prepared me for another six days of hard work.

Two days ago, my journalism advisor at Wheaton emailed me, asking if I recommend the program to other Wheaton journalism students.

I think my answer is yes.

Guess it’s also true that you can win someone over with an amazing home-cooked meal!

If you haven’t already seen, check out photos of my past week here in Asheville, NC. You can see them here.


Photo credits to John B.B. Photos, at flickr.com. While the pulled pork sandwich in the photo looks great, I have to argue that Mrs. Martin’s was better. 


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