WJI — Day 3: Pulliams and Profiles

Dear Reader,

Today we were graced by the presence (no sarcasm) of Russell Pulliam — associate editor of the Indianapolis Star and director of the competitive, nationwide Pulliam Fellowship program.

And even though I had been emailing him well before the course began and was aware of him, I hadn’t realized that he was the father of Sarah Pulliam Bailey, a past Wheaton Record editor in chief, until Dr. Marvin Olasky introduced him to us. Sarah now is a reporter for the Washington Post.

Russell’s father, sister, and daughter are all successful journalists, in their own respect. Talk about a family trade!

It was a true honor for me to witness him tear my writing down. Not only did he tear it down, though, he saw interesting angles that I hadn’t considered — something that I’m assuming comes with decades of reporting and editing.

Today, we wrote 600-700 word profiles for each other — I wrote mine on Faith Auslund. Condensing someone’s entire life into less than 700 words is impossible, but trying to do so is an interesting and mind-stretching exercise.

I was impressed with my fellow students’ work. They are poetic and their sentences are clean. Hopefully I can improve my writing to get on par with the rest of my classmates!

Tomorrow, I will be writing the class blog, and will therefore not be writing on this blog. I will post a link all the same!

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