WJI — Day 1: Orientation

Dear Reader,

I mentioned it briefly before — but now it’s time to talk about it in depth! I’m sitting in a beautiful boutique hostel in downtown Asheville, NC, preparing my mind and soul for the first official day of the “Backpack Journalism in a Digital Age” course through the World Journalism Institute. WJI runs through World Magazine, a well-known Christian watchdog magazine.

I’m excited for this! Glancing over the schedule, it looks like I will be learning lots of different techniques and skills that cover both print and broadcast journalism. I cannot wait to be able to list some of those skills on my resume.

Also, being surrounded by a small community — 13 of us — of Christians is a good feeling. I’ve been in community with Christians for a very long time, since I attend Wheaton, but this is a little different, because these are all Christians with similar career aspirations. We all share passions and callings, and I think that this will result in friendships, solid connections, and maybe even collaborations in the future.

Stay tuned these next two weeks as I tackle this program!

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